Since 2001, General Cleaning Solutions Fleet Coach Bus Cleaning of San Francisco has provided the most cost effective and highest quality Mobile Fleet Truck Washing Service and On-Site commercial vehicle cleaning for truck and fleet owners in San Francisco and surrounding areas. Your vehicle fleet says a lot about your company. Maintaining a clean fleet of vehicles shows customers and prospective clients that you care about your business’s quality, creates easier maintenance schedules, and eliminates fines and delays caused by Department of Transportation traffic stops.

It is a well known fact among law enforcement that a dirty commercial vehicle is FIVE times more likely to be pulled over and checked than a clean one!. General Cleaning Solutions Fleet Coach Bus Cleaning of San Francisco has the resources to dedicate a team and equipment needed to service your account, NO MATTER THE SIZE! Our team can conform to fit your schedule 24 hours a day/7 days a week!. Each account is assigned a dedicated supervisor available for questions anytime and conducts monthly follow up assessments for quality control purposes.

We care about the enviroment
pedroGeneral Cleaning Solutions Fleet Coach Bus Cleaning of San Francisco believes in protecting the environment. Which is why we provide vehicle and fleet owners with low cost washing services without violating any environmental regulations. By using bio-degradable products, and waste water recovery systems, we provide the highest level of satisfaction and safety from inspectors and possible fines. Waste water recovery is a core step in our standard operating procedure allowing us to comply with local EPA laws.

Drain seals, booms, and dikes are critical to a successful recovery operation. These rubber mats completely seal off storm drains, eliminating the possibility of contaminated water entering the sewer. Once contained, waste water is recovered using a high powered air vacuum used to create suction for up to 200 ft. These recovery vacuums are strong enough to keep up with 3 separate pressure washers. Waste water is then transferred into a recovery tank integrated with the wash vehicle who can carry up to 500 gallons. It is then transported to our facility at days end to be filtrated and properly disposed of in our grit traps. Being environmentally responsible is an essential factor to consider when choosing a wash vendor. General Cleaning Solutions Fleet Coach Bus Cleaning of San Francisco ensures you are in compliance with OSHA/EPA water recovery guidelines.

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